In a world of high technology, gadgets and devices, the human voice still reigns supreme. A story not only teaches, inspires, heals and connects, it also celebrates culture and addresses the need for expression and understanding. Stories enhance communication and uplift and empower as they highlight facets of the human condition and appeal to our senses.         

Not only do I love to tell  stories-but I have a mission to use storytelling to preserve culture and promote positive growth, especially within our young people.
-Ife The Storyteller (Gail Young)

 My programs consist of  traditional, contemporary, and original material of many themes and for all ages. My performances have won much acclaim as I include original poetry, skits and songs and a little guitar and percussions.

During  every performance, I lead my audiences into call and response as to include them in the storytelling process. Their sense of contribution and accomplishment helps gives them a solid appreciation of oral storytelling.  I also  leave my audiences with a morsel of truth, a moral or worthy message, a hearty laugh and a feeling of empowerment.

To sum it all up, I crystallize the human journey with stories that warm the heart, spark imagination, empower, and leave audiences with a broader sense of the world, a fuller understanding of others and a deeper sense of self.