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  Ife As ‘Maggie Lena Walker’


A One Woman Show

About The Pioneer Businesswoman
‘Maggie Lena Walker’ An Unsung


             “THIS WOMAN CAN,” is a one–woman dramatization with songs that will take the audience on a journey through Maggie Lena Walker’s life.  Walker, born in 1867, (the child of a former slave) came into the world just a few years after emancipation. In spite of those humble beginnings she acquired phenomenal business skills and headed the Saint Luke Benevolent Society (one of the most successful black self-help organizations for over 35 years).  Walker is credited with being the first woman in America to found and become president of a bank.  It is now the oldest black owned and operated bank in America. It is still operating today in Richmond, VA and her 28-32 room mansion, also in Richmond, VA  is an historic site for all to see.

In this original one-woman show, Ife performs Maggie Lena Walker, Maggie’s mother, her hired help and several other characters. The songs which are also written and performed by Ife are inspiring, as they capture the essence of the events that shaped Walker into a prominent businesswoman, entrepreneur and activist.  This show can be performed with live or recorded music.  Fees will vary.   Music arranged by Charles Lovell and transcribed by Duke Curry. (Approx. 45 mins. in length-Approx. 52 mins. with Character introduction and call & response song.)

                         Maggie Lena WalkerCostume by Ife

 ‘This Woman Can’ is perfect for Women’s History Month, Kwanzaa (Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics), Black History, Colleges and Universities, Public Schools, Libraries, Museums, Churches, Businesses and Entrepreneur organizations, Banquets, Women’s Agencies, etc.

**Rates & Fees Available Upon Request**

Below: See pics taken by Ife while visiting the Maggie Lena Walker Historic Site.

(Front view of Maggie Lena Walker’s Home)


Below: Maggie Lena Walker’s kitchen:  Many great thinkers (i.e. Mary McLeod Bethune) sat at this table.






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