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Singing with background tracks, Ife salutes African American music; spirituals, work songs, blues, jazz, protests/folk songs, rock & roll, doo wop, R&B, rap, popular, neo-soul, etc. She gives special commemoration to black composers and also to great African American vocalists. 

 Where were you when these songs blasted across the airwaves?  What were you doing? Were you in love? Were you even born then? This program helps crystallize the musical contributions of African Americans.

Ife Performing ‘When I Fall In Love,’ made
popular by Nat King Cole

Ife Performing – ‘God Bless The Child,’  written and
recorded by Billie Holiday

Ife performing her own rendition of ‘Stormy Weather,’
made popular by Lena Horne.


**Rates & Fees Available Upon Request**