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“I was so fortunate to have artistic people in my life as a child. At night I was tucked into bed by gifted musicians, singers, writers and storytellers; my parents and aunts and uncles…And they all told wonderful stories, sometimes right from their imaginations, and never told the same story twice. How I loved that, and I always knew deep inside that I was a storyteller too; not by the love of storytelling alone but also by inheritance.”         – Ife

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Doo-Wop Illustration is by Ife – Copyright©2008

Ife (ee-fay(Gail Young) is a writer, vocalist, storyteller, actress, and illustrator.   Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she remembers doo wop singers harmonizing under the streetlights. Her family, especially her mother sang, was a visual artist, and wrote poetry. Her father was a writer. She was inspired by them to write original material that includes music,  poetry and stories.

She had a play presented in classrooms at her high school but did not embark upon a career in theater until she studied drama in a neighborhood theater.  While there she was inspired to  pursue playwriting by a drama instructor.  She later earned a B.A. in Dramatic Arts with concentrations in Arts Management and Creative writing, Ife has written many plays, (several have been produced) stories, songs, poems and raps for all ages. She has worked professionally in public library and  public school settings. This experience taught her what children needed to hear to edutain them and motivate them to become the best versions of themselves. She has authored and illustrated children’s picture books and is the recipient of several creative writing awards.  She also writes and tells stories for adult audiences.

Ife has performed in various locations throughout the country.  She performs for all ages,  for schools, museums, churches, colleges, libraries, festivals, cultural  and special events.  She is available in Cleveland, OH and New York City.