About Ife


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“I was so fortunate to have artistic people in my life as a child. At night I was tucked into bed by loving, gifted musicians, writers and storytellers; my parents and relatives…And then, they formed wonderful stories right from their imaginations and never told the same story twice. How I loved that and I always knew deep inside that I was a storyteller too; not by desire alone but mostly by inheritance.”         – Ife

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Doo-Wop Illustration is by Ife – Copyright©2008

Ife (ee-fay(Gail Young) is a writer, vocalist, storyteller, actress, and illustrator.   Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she  was exposed to literature, art and music at a very early age and considers herself fortunate to have had an arts and culture filled childhood. She remembers her relatives telling stories and singing til long after dark.

“I feel storytelling has so much to say in spirituality, morals and life lessons. It keeps us in touch with our history and culture and at the same time gives richness and awareness to our lives. Stories can transform individuals, thus make the world a better place,” she states.

Having earned a B.A. in Dramatic Arts with concentrations in Arts Management and Creative writing, Ife has written many plays, (some have been produced) stories, songs, poems and raps for all ages. Having worked professionally for several years in a public library setting and in a public school system Ife knows exactly what children need to hear to help them along. Additionally, she has authored and illustrated children’s picture books, Mama Rue, Crabs In the Barrel, They’re All In You and Bina and The Beanpole, a children’s empowerment series.  She has also authored adult books, “Journey Through A Zigzagged Forest,” and “My Buddy.” Ife is the recipient of several creative writing awards, an Outstanding Writers Collegiate Award, as well as a President’s University Award.

Ife has performed in various cities in the country.  She performs for all ages and for schools, museums, churches, colleges, libraries, festivals and special events.  She currently resides in New York City.